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for our businesses. mitt romney is going to look at opportunity make sure we do it right. so that's even more extreme than i for before. we have to look at, move on. of our effort to repeal the medical device tax because it would be a burden on our locales but i want to go back and look at the threshold for small business. but what i won't do is to chris collins says, do young people off the parents plan to people with existing conditions would no longer be covered. but don't hold be reopened for seniors in western europe with him of $700 more a year or the prescription drug. we can do better. i put this country can do better. >> mr. collins, did you back say you would support allowing young people to remain on their parents insurance? collins: absolute. that's what ms. hochul distorts my answer's pretty continuously. but i'd also like to point out that she says she's going to vote to repeal this or that, seven and $16 billion cut to medicare and my moms medicare advantage when she talks about the medical device tax, she doesn't like and changing this and that your that is the only reaso
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1